Help the Needy



The foundation provides financial aid to the needy (could be a student, single mother /father, sick or poor or anyone else who has a real need). However needy and the needs are required to be real and genuine. The founder strongly believes that if people follow “The Seven Principles” as described in the previous section. and carry out their life properly, he/she would be become self sufficient and happy, and would not require any assistance from others. 

  We are masters of our life. The founder calls “these seven principles” a tool kit for life. Specifically consider “the principle of achievement and evaluation“. If you are goal oriented and have an achievement in mind, success would be yours. You will not waste your time or money. By tuning in to achievements your capacity to earn wealth will increase. In student life think in terms of “I have to get better marks in school, I will excel in extra-curricular activities, I will find a part time job, I will not waste hard earned money on drugs /smoking or unnecessary material possessions” and this will never let you get impoverished. In adult life think in terms of “I will find a job, in job I will finish my objectives, I will not waste my hard earned money” and you will never be “poor”.

Further apply “the principle of replacement and sacrifice“- buy clothes at department stores rather than exclusive boutique, eat at home rather than restaurant, buy a simple TV rather than home theater, no drinking, no smoking, no drugs, always save 10% of what ever you earn i.e. pay to yourself before paying to anybody else etc. Imagine how much money these habits will save and accumulate for you. Then by applying “the principle of diversification and sharing” you can multiply your wealth. “The principle of significance- 75:25 Rule” will always keep you focused in life and provide you ample time to resolve your problems. “The principle of decision” will avoid your indecisiveness and force you to become master of your destiny by reminding continually to take decisions in time. “The principle of Change” will help you to live your life in the continuously changing ocean of life with ups and down. Finally “the principle of Me and Almighty” will take you to “higher plateau” and let you feel serenity, spiritualism, and “state of bliss”

Vinesh invites you to ponder over these principles of life and make a pledge to stick to them. This is the key to become self-sufficient and happy.

However due to circumstances and turn of time if you need help to put your life “in order”, you can apply to get “seed money” for assistance – Fill out the enclosed form and send it to the following address. You can be student, single mother/father, sick and poor or adult in need.

The Vinesh Saxena Family Foundation

261 St., Hilaire

Longueuil, Quebec

Canada J4J2P4

To print this form click the link below.

Form for assistance

Name_______________________________Tel. Number ____________________________

Address____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

Describe your circumstances why do you need assistance?

___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

Have you tried getting assistance from your parents/ relatives? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

Have you tried getting funding from government organizations? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 

Have you tried getting assistance from your friends? If so, then explain. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

What is your monthly revenue and expenditure

Details of monthly revenue

Details of the monthly expenditure













Total Revenue :

Total Expenditure :

Have you read the Seven Principles of life? How  “application of these principles” would have changed your life? ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

What kind and how much assistance do you need from this foundation?

_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

Do you agree to apply these “seven principals of life” and put your destiny in order? Subsequently would you donate back the funds to this foundation when you achieve your goals so that others can be helped? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 

Any other remarks. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

 ( Additional sheets can be attached in support of any above questions if required ) 

Signature of the applicant : –                                           Date____________________

If you are under the age of 18 then your parent’s signature & recomendation is also required .

 Parent’s /Guardian’s signature                       Print the name of the Parent/ Guardian

___________________________                      _____________________________

Send the form to VSF Foundation, 261 ST. HILAIRE, LONGUEUIL, QC.  J4J 2P4